Autonomous Air Vehicles (AAVs)

Aeronamiq's beta trials feature all-electric Fixed-Wing Autonomous Air Vehicles (AAVs) that are characterized by extremely low noise and vibration, capable of carrying ~20 lbs of cargo over 50 miles within an hour. Swappable, rechargeable batteries drastically reduce turn-around time allowing for extended delivery missions. The AAV features fully autonomous take-off, autonomous flight, and autonomous landing using a laser altimeter allowing operators to reroute the AAV as needed between missions.


Modular Design: Payload bays detach from the under-belly of the AAVs for easy loading / unloading of cargo. Bays are customizable for cargo types to ensure safe and reliable transport. Thermo-regulated bays with specialized packaging may be used for medical sample transport. The entire AAV system is modular, with fully interchangeable components, allowing for easy storage and transportation in a rugged case.

Portable Launch / Recovery: Portable pneumatic catapults are used to launch the AAVs from any location. The AAVs may also be launched from the tops of moving vehicles such as cars or trucks. Heavy duty landing gear provides efficient shock absorption that allows recovery in unprepared fields and rough terrain over very short distances. This makes the AAV an invaluable asset for expedited transportation of high value cargo to and from locations that are not easily accessible.