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We are building technology to support high-speed airborne transportation of time-critical high-value goods while increasing robustness to weather conditions to help reduce costs, increase reach and connectivity, reduce delays, overcome road congestion, and potentially save lives. Follow our updates on the homepage by subscribing to our mailing list.  

Docking Systems

Autonomous Air Vehicle (AAV)


Our robotic docking systems can land and launch autonomous fixed-wing delivery aircraft with large payloads from a small physical footprint. Installed on parking lots, building rooftops, larger trucks, ships, islands or even other mobile vehicles, these systems provide a unique capability to operate energy efficient, long range, fixed-wing Autonomous Air Vehicles (AAVs) for transport. The docking systems can be installed in strategic geographical locations to create an efficient distribution and delivery network.


Fixed-Wing AAVs can be ~5 times more efficient and 2-3 times faster than Rotary or Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) drones. Our AAVs are modified to allow easy loading / unloading of payloads. Modular bays detach from and attach to the underbelly of the AAV frame, completing their body. Compartments in the modular bays are package-friendly for safe transport and can be reconfigured to hold various sizes of payload. Aeronamiq’s technology assists with the loading, unloading, attachment and detachment of these modular cargo bays to the under-belly of the AAVs. 

Stages of Operation



Aeronamiq’s technology uses advanced control systems to safely land and launch fixed-wing air vehicles. During landing, the kinetic energy of incoming fixed-wing air vehicles is dissipated and stored. This energy is utilized to assist in the relaunch of these AAVs, enabling efficient landing and take-off from various zones without the need for large-scale infrastructure such as runways and airports. 

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